Ngā Tikanga/ Rules

Te Pukapuka Tikanga o Te Kemu Kupu Rorirori

Each set comes with 161 tiles

Ngā Kaikemu/Players: 2-5

Te Whainga/Goal:

Be the first person to use up all of their Pū Māori. To start all the tiles are placed upside down, this forms the Rua.

Each player then draws 24 tile.

Everyone simultaneously turns their tiles face up and races to arrange the letter/Pū in their own intersecting grid/Tukutuku Kupu.

Words must read left to right horizontally or top to bottom in the vertical.

The exception is when a vowel is used, the players is allowed to reverse the lettering playing from right to left and bottom to top. The player must play the rest of the words connected the same way. This can only be reversed at another vowel.

All Vowels must face the right way for the word direction e.g. If the Kupu has a Tohutō the tile must be faced with the Tohutō on top.

When a player is no longer able to create any more words they call out Kupukupu and every player draws a new tile.

Once a player has used up all their tiles they shout out Kupu Rorirori.

The other players are then given the chance to check the winning grid for any misspelled words or misused Tohutō.

Any incorrect words must be removed and the players continue till another player shouts Kupu Rorirori. If all players are unable to continue or the Rua has been emptied the player with the least remaining is crowned the winner.

*During the game the players can re-arrange their Tukutuku Kupu as many times as they like*

The winner is named Te Kaipukenga o Te Kupu.

Te Tiriti: for extended play

  1. The Rua is created as normal
  2. The tiles are split evenly with each player
  3. Play Kupu Rorirori as normal
  4. The first to use all their is the winner if the game comes to a stalemate whoever has the least remaining wins